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Chemico developed a new Chemical Management program for an Aerospace Engine Manufacturer in Mexico to address the many challenges associated with acquisition, inventory management, quality control, and application of the diverse chemicals and lubricants used throughout the plant.  The program included a team of chemical management experts as well as a dedicated group that maintains and manages the metalworking fluids for over 400 machines.

Program Benefits

Consolidated Supply and Management of over 300 chemicals and lubricants

Management of customs and logistics for delivery from both the US and Mexico

Reduced transactions by 95% through consolidated billing – a reduction of 1,400 annual transactions

Proactive shelf-life management, reducing waste, and improving quality compliance associated with time-sensitive chemicals

SDS Management Solution with certified translation into Spanish

Accurate environmental and financial reporting

Management of metalworking fluid maintenance including daily testing, fluid adjustments, filtration, and recycling optimizing fluid life

Annual Productivity Improvement Program

As an example of a productivity improvement project for this site, Chemico developed and implemented a metalworking fluid reclamation and recycling program. The project started with the creation of new change-out procedures based on analytical testing instead of on a time frequency.  The site management team then designed mobile filtration and recycling program which included the development of the filtration systems and deployment of the new process to ensure safe and effective operations.

Program Results

This project was initially implemented with 37 Machines which minimized in-process contaminates and allowed the fluid to be used longer without dumping and recharging.  Through the success of this initial phase, Chemico applied the project across an additional 205 machines.