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Developing Quality Chemicals Since 1989

Chemico Systems has been developing and delivering unique chemical solutions for over 30 years.  The Chemico has a wide range of products specifically designed to meet our customers’ needs:

Our 50,000 sq. foot facility in Chesterfield, Mich. has been home to its production and warehousing operations. The Chesterfield facility is supported by an on-site R&D laboratory, responsive customer service, and supply chain experts.  We offer custom blending, formulating, testing and packaging, and formulation of private label products serving many industries.

Environmental Compliance and Worker Safety
are Top Priority in all facilities

Chemico Systems maintains an excellent safety score and exceeds federal, state, and local environmental requirements.

Chemico Systems’ stainless-steel blending and packaging systems compound its custom products line. These systems provide versatility, chemical compatibility, and quality assurance over a wide variety of chemicals.

As a specialty chemical provider, Chemico Systems can blend materials with a pH range of 2 – 14, viscosity ranging up to 1M cp, with flashpoints above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Quality assurance is guaranteed through Chemico Systems’ multiple tests from raw material receiving through each manufacturing step until final use at the customer site.

Standard product packaging includes cases, pails, drums, and totes. Additional container options can be provided.
Chemico Systems offers private label and custom product development services to a variety of customers.