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Harry Seifert

Harry Seifert

Vice President of Operations

Harry Seifert is the Vice President of Operations for The Chemico, LLC (Chemico). Prior to joining Chemico, Harry spent 15 years in the product development laboratory (Chemetall / Oakite and Haas TCM) where he was responsible for developing less hazardous and more environmentally friendly industrial chemical products. His areas of expertise include metalworking fluids, alkaline cleaners, and paint maintenance products.

Following his experience in the laboratory, he became involved in Chemical Management programs and has spent the last 20 years focusing on systems development and deployment, continuous improvement management, reduction of chemical usage, and the evaluation and implementation of new technologies to reduce the risk of using chemicals.

As the Vice President of Operations, he is responsible for managing all Chemico chemical management programs with respect to profitability and sustainability. Mr. Seifert is also actively involved in the development of marketing strategies and business plans for the Chemico Group.

Mr. Seifert holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chemistry from New York University.