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Working With a Leader in Chemical Management to Combat Coronavirus

Since the onset of the pandemic, undoubtedly COVID-19 has compelled everyone around the globe to rethink our definition of clean, how we treat germs and our approach to sanitation. Public health experts constantly asked people to wash our hands multiple times a day. Wipes and bleach evaded retailer shelves for weeks. Perhaps it should not have taken a global pandemic to remind us to maintain good hygienic habits. Hospitals and medical facilities have maintained strict cleaning and disinfection protocols. Yet, COVID-19 has further enforced these. It is clear that cleaning protocols that eliminate the coronavirus are here to stay, particularly as workplaces, schools and public places increasingly reopen. Chemical management firms like Chemico Group have decades-long experience helping medical, manufacturing and various industries meet the sanitation protocols for their various industries. It is this expertise that has proven quite beneficial in helping customers combat the coronavirus.

Benefits of Working with a Chemical Management Company to Combat Coronavirus 

  1. (Re)Assess your cleaning protocol
  2. Develop an optimized and integrated plan
  3. Implement using best-in-class supplies
  4. Maintain and revise

(Re)Assess your cleaning protocol

Especially for large facilities, working with a chemical management leader such as Chemico Group can help you (re)assess if your cleaning protocols are still sufficient in the era of coronavirus. Chemico Group can help you ensure your protocols are Centers for Disease Control (CDC)-compliant and help identify what high-touch areas need extra attention, how they should be disinfected and what resources and equipment are needed.

Develop an optimized and integrated program 

Once cleaning protocols are assessed, Chemico Group can help you develop a program that addresses and exceeds customer requirements, reduce costs, utilize safe products, manage employee risk, chemicals supply and waste consolidation.

Implement consistently using best-in-class supplies 

Once an optimized and integrated program is adopted, Chemico Group can help you consistently implement the disinfection protocol, using the safest and most effective EPA-approved cleaning and disinfection supplies. Chemico Systems’ Hands-Free Dispenser is designed for high-traffic areas, allowing guests and employees to quickly sanitize their hands.  Ideal for a variety of applications, the dispenser uses stainless steel construction, can fit up to a 5-gallon pail of sanitizer and provides 16,000 uses, no power source needed and works with hand sanitizers that are thin or thick. 

Maintain and revise

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